Attention to detail and quality in everything we do

It all began 25 years ago, when Tronrud Holding was established on a warm summer day in June 1993. Since then, we have built a company of great success, primarily in the automotive industry. All along, from the very beginning, we have maintained our never ending hunger for new challenges.

Although the car industry always will remain an important part of our success, our line of business has turned more and more into real estate development. We build and develop future environments for both working and living. With our 25th anniversary and a growing evolvement of our business, we are now expanding for the future - and changing our name to XPND.

It all began many years ago...

when a young boy with an inner drive to create and a fascination for everything with an engine, started his first auto shop for mopeds in his garage. In many ways Tronrud Holding was established in this garage, and through the years the founder Nils Kjetil Tronrud and the company have journeyed to Germany, America and back home again. Whereas cars have always been a large part of the company’s core, developing real estate has become an increasingly big focal point. We want to develop for the future of, and in cooperation with, our audience and customers.

A trading company in the car and property marked

Stay hungry and foolish

Through the years, the encouragement to stay hungry and foolish, which Steve Jobs gave the Stanford class of 2006 in his commencement speech, has been the driving force and motivation behind all endeavors. The push to create, develop and advance is in our DNA. And now, after 25 years, we feel that the time has come to evolve with and for the future. We are now rebranding, chaning our name and becoming XPND. 

Expanding for the future

XPND is short for expand, to see new opportunities and solutions. This is our core, and the driving force behind all that we do. The time has come to expand for the future. We are ready for the future of cars, the future of real estate and everything else that we do.

We are ready for the next step - the world is changing, and so are we!

XPNDs projects exude quality in every aspects, and our attention to detail is evident in all that we do. We believe that for a machine to operate to its full capacity, all its components must work together. This cultivates the best possible result. Our goal is to shape and evolve the property, corporate and car markets for and with our clients and inhabitants.

What we do?

Cars, real estate and then some. XPND owns a variety of companies within the automobile and property markets. Our companies are both domestic and international. We value attention to detail and quality in all aspects of everything we do, and we want our clients to have the very best experience - whether they are buying a new car, a used car, finding their new home or developing their business.

Our companies (in Norwegian)

Who is XPND?

We strongly believe in long-term value growth and expansion. XPND have many exciting projects underway, both domestic and international, and we aim to create the best solutions and services for our users and costumers. XPND put integrity above fast solutions and we believe in quality in all aspects. Our goal is to create the change people actually want, and we want you to join us on our journey.


We are skilled and prepared. We play by the rules, and value punctuality.


We are a well-oiled and modern machine. Dynamic, long-term and rational.


We create trust through being sincere and professional.